Yoga Class Descriptions

Yoga basics/beginning

All Level

This class is for you if you are new to yoga, returning to yoga, want a slower paced class or want to work on refining alignment. Click here to save your spot in my next beginners class!


Align, Stretch and Strengthen.  Poses can be modified for all levels.  Class includes centering, warm up poses, standing poses, balance poses, breath work, and a restorative closing.

Mixed 1

My Mixed 1 class moves a little quicker than the Basics class. Together we will work on refining poses and will hold poses longer to really build up strength. This class has been designed for those who have been practicing yoga or are physically active. 

Advanced Level

Advanced focuses more on Yoga Philosophy. We will work on more complex poses such as Adho Mukha Vrksasana, Urdhva Dhanurasana, Arm Balances and Sirsasana. This class is for students who understand alignment principles.

Belly Buster

This is the class for you if you are looking for a great abdominal workout! It is very technical and goes at a quicker pace. My Belly Buster class utilizes yoga poses that strengthen the core and is built for students who understand alignment principles. 

Are you ready to start your yoga journey?